Well, one of the world’s Greatest Athlete Michael Phelps, is the World’s Best Swimmer. What better way is there to maintain your body and achieve a perfect athletic body than swimming? Swimming is the self-locomotion in water by one’s own exertion of muscles to propel further into the water. It is also considered as a recreation, an exercise, as well as a sports activity. No need to exert yourself on the treadmill, no more aching muscles in the span of a few minutes of having land exercise activities, it’s all about floating and mimicking in the water like a fish.

Swimming refreshes one’s body and mind and requires a lot of concentration and body balance in the water. Being a low impact activity, it is the best way to burn your calories. It also helps in maintaining the flexibility of one’s body, and helps in building the bodily strength and endurance. It is also the best way to maintain cardiovascular fitness and reduces the risks of blood pressure, stroke and chronic illnesses. 

Swimming is one of the most viewed Olympic sport with its varied events like breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke and freestyle. With basic experience all one needs is swimsuit, cap and googles and loosen your muscles, mind and thoughts with every strokes in the water. No wonder, why people these days are attracted towards in-built swimming pool homes. It has also been added in schools as a co-curricular activity. As a sport, it is more than passion for a professional swimmer and as a recreation, it also helps both physically and mentally.