MLF Cup Marathon event that will be held on July 3, 2016, has attracted the attention of millions of people from all across the globe. Unlike other competitions, it will take place in three days and will last for 6 hours from 9 am to 3 pm ET per day. The entire competition will be aired live by World Fishing Network so you can follow the action as the competitors struggle to outdo each other from the comfort of your home.

On the first day, the competitors will be:

•    Greg Hackney

•    Shaw Grigsby

•    Alton Jones

•    Mike McClelland

•    Jeff Kriet

•    Skeet Reese

•    Gary Klein

•    Tommy Biffle

The competitors who will take part in the sport are:

•    Byron Velvick

•    Boyd Duckett

•    Tim Horton

•    Kelly Jordon

•    Edwin Evers

•    Jason Quinn

•    Kevin VanDam

On the third day, the competitors will be:

•    Brent Ehrler

•    Ish Monroe

•    Denny Brauer

•    Takahiro Omori

•    Aaron Martens

•    Bobby Lane

•    Randy Howell

•    Dean Rojas

Just like any other competitive tournament, there are some rules that each of the participants is required to adhere to throughout the competition. One of the governing rules is that the competitors must be MLF Anglers and approved by Major League Fishing. The anglers are required to adhere to all federal, state, and local laws. The MLF Boat Official is expected to report any violation of these rules to the Commissioner immediately. Once the Commissioner gets information about a violation, he is supposed to evaluate it and determine whether to issue a penalty or disqualify the competitor from the tournament.

It is also important to note that Major League Fishing will provide all boats. The boats will be equipped with all the stipulated and essential equipment and tools listed in the state water safety requirements policy. The participants are also forbidden from using alcohol and drugs that are not prescribed by a licensed health care provider as that could result in an automatic disqualification.